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Technopet Machineries

About Technopet was incorporated way back in 1999 by Mr. Vineet Bannore and Mr. Sunil Bharkhada. The motive behind Technopet was to cater to the exploding demand for PET products in India. Technopet manufactures a wide range of PET stretch blowing machines which are customised to the needs of clients. Unique machine patented design is developed to meet the need of low to medium productivity PET packaging sector like Package Drinking Water, confectionary, Liquor and edible oil. The PET blowing machines manufactured by Technopet are recognized in the industry for reliability, innovative operating, and the flexibility. We provide quality support for the PET project in all stages. The clients of Technopet are spread across India and abroad, and come from various industries. Technopet has won several awards and recognitions for its innovations and business achievements. Technopet is also actively involved in several industry initiatives like training programs, promoting industry associations, development of PET bottle standard specifications in India etc. It has also actively contribution to design and development of PET beer bottle in association with Reliance Technology Center (RTC).


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Plot No 3 Road No 40 Sector 1-S New Panvel Dist,Raigad,India-410206
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